Overdrive: Towns & car names; Nissan Patrol – lounge music or rock and roll; Victorian COVID car sales

Hello and welcome to Overdrive, a program that looks at the factors affecting our attitude and actions to motoring and transport.


  • Victoria’s poor car sales figures (1:46)
  • Toyota invests in new performance brand with GR Yaris (2:49)
  • Hyundai motor advances hydrogen strategy with export of fuel cell systems to Europe (3:54)
  • GMC highlights new trailer tech on 2021 Sierra (4:56)
  • Daimler AG to pay $1.5B to settle emissions cheating probes (5:57)


When we toured through villages such as Tarana last week we pondered town names that resembled to has the same spelling car names. But while Monaro is an example Dean Oliver tells us that locals pronounce it differently and you should always be aware of that. (7:05)

Motoring Minute

  • Nissan Duke (15:41)


  • New video on Yaris (16:53)
  • Advice to a listener about what car they should buy (17:07)


After testing the Nissan Patrol Rob Fraser gives us his opinion on how this large SUV stacks up in the market. (18:29)


And in our quirky new segment we have the unusual and deeply sad story of a man who was shot for crossing the road to slowly.  Did I mention that it is in America? (25:33)

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Originally broadcast 19 September 2020