Overdrive: Toyota Camry changes ideas on hybrids; Car company’s April Fools jokes

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I’m David Brown

In this week’s program, we have news stories with David Campbell

  1. Car sales outlook weakens as intenders stay away
  2. Australia’s Largest Sport Sponsor
  3. Europe will require carmakers to install speed limiters from 2022
  4. Hyundai Australia to expand its Electric Vehicle Dealership
  5. Toyota & Suzuki Partnership
  6. Toyota to generate hydrogen from rooftop solar for vehicle fuel


We a range of motoring minutes with Rob Fraser and myself on some new cars, political statements about banning petrol and diesel cars and pollution with trucks.


I also have a longer conversation with Rob about the Hybrid Camry.  He didn’t think much of hybrids when they first came out but now he is a changed man.


And Brian Smith and I discuss April fools jokes from the car industry.



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So, let’s start with the news


Originally broadcast 6 April 2019


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