Overdrive: Toyota safety giveaway; Hyundai iMax; Nissan Juke; Terrorist Toyotas; Mazda BT-50


  • Toyota offers free access to its safety software (1:33)
  • New Lexus is – evocative sports sedan design, focused driving dynamics and advanced technology (2:35)
  • Mazda reveals brand-new bt-50 (3:36)
  • Next-generation Kia carnival to debut this summer (4:31)
  • Passengers face £100 fines as face coverings become mandatory/ Virus busters clean trains – just don’t cross the streams (5:31)
  • Every gram counts – the philosophy driving (6:25)


  • We had a listener asked about buying a car for a family including three children.  To start we look at the Hyundai iMax with Alan Zurvas and some of the features is does and does not have. (7:1)

Motoring Minute

  • Nissan’s new Juke (17:18)

Quirky news

  • And in quirky news Brian Smith and I ponder just why so many terrorist groups have utes with Toyota written across the back and how do we track where they were bought. (18:15)

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So, let’s start with the news

Originally broadcast 20 June 2020

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