Overdrive: Toyota says “no more boring cars”; Suzuki Ingis test; Reviving Canals for transport

Hello this is Overdrive a program that tries to spread the word about trains, planes and automobiles.

I’m David Brown

And in this program, we look at news stories with including:

  1. NHTSA Confirms Newer Cars Much Safer Than Older Ones
  2. Crashes caused by idiots, not speedsters, says road safety advocate
  3. New law to tackle electric cars’ silent menace to pedestrians
  4. Uber CEO says its self-driving car tests will start up again ‘in a few months’
  5. Elon Musk says LA-area test tunnel almost complete
  6. Tesla Model X sets record by towing Boeing Dreamliner


I attended a session with Toyota’s chief designers from California, heard about the corporate edict that Toyota had to stop making boring cars and got to have a play with a clay model.  They are skilled in design, but het exercise clearly showed that I am not.

We road test the cute Suzuki Ignis SUV. A four-wheel drive it is not.

And Brian Smith and I take a cheerful look at some unusual stories of the day including

  1. Seeking to revive an ancient transport network in the UK
  2. Vandals behead 1,000 parking meters




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