Overdrive: Uber float; Toyota goes Apple Car Play; History of video driving games; BMW X2 M35i

Hello and welcome to Overdrive a program that bounces through the world of cars and transport

I’m David Brown

In this program
1. Uber float takes on water (1:34)
2. Toyota takes the plunge on Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (2:20)
3. Tesla is the most loved car company by its owners (3:45)
4. But Tesla CEO has to face court (4:23)
5. Four-cylinder Honda beats Falcon GTHO (5:06)
6. LA the land of the freeway goes for green public transport (6:22)
7. Pink made the car more valuable (7:07)
8. We talk to the Museum Director from the National Motor Museum on the history of video driving games (8:00)
9. We have two motoring minutes
• The BMW X5 (13:20)
• Kia Carnival (21:27)
10. We put the cat amongst the pigeons with our expose last week on billboard advertising – we give you an update (14:21)
11. We road test the hottest version of the BMW X2 (15:11)
12. And we finish our series on odd car design. (22:30)

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So, let’s start with the news

Originally broadcast 18 May 2019

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