Overdrive: WWCOTY – a judge speaks; Porsche Taycan; Women in Car ads; Road design for garbage trucks

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  • Land Rover Women’s world car of the year (1:34)
  • Maserati on track with women – Maria Teresa de Filippis history of audacity (2:54)
  • Nissan is developing an engine for road cars that could reach 50% thermal efficiency (3:58)
  • Infrastructure Australia adds a record number of new investment opportunities to support COVID-19 recovery (4:56)


Nadine Armstrong was one of two Australians on the judging panel of the WWCOTY. We have a chat about her thinking and approach to this award. (6:15)

Car ads for cars aimed at women

We reflect on how some car companies have advertised to women (3:15)


Paul Murrell tells us about the new electric Porsche whose name is likely to be mispronounced (18:28)

And in two final interviews we talk to Brian Smith on how we let vehicle access including garbage trucks dominate our urban street design (22:55)

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Originally broadcast 13 March 2021

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