Pedestrian Safety and Car Design – What do the statistics say

We briefly mentioned in a news item some research that had been carried out by the Accident Research Centre at Monash University about the reduction of pedestrian casualties because of improvements in car design.

It is a very important aspect of car design that directly affects

To tell us more about it I have on the line Associate Professor Stuart Newstead

  • You went back and looked at data over a period of time
  • The average aggressivity (injury severity risk)
  • Clearly it came down slowly from 1981 and more markedly from around 2000
  • Europe and Japan had some regulations that have shown up in cars in Australia
  • In our region the ANCAP crash testing helps emphasise the point
  • You looked at Australia and New Zealand – Australia performed better – it had a newer fleet
  • You projected the improvements into the future.

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