Postie Bike Grand Prix – Cessnock Motorcycle Club

The Postie Bike is an Australia Institution, an icon if you will.

Apart from helping to deliver the post, it has been used as a city runabout and juxtaposed to this is its role on many farms where it becomes an easy way to get around a paddock.  I remember helping to round up sheep on a farm in the middle of Victoria, where the farmer gave me a postie bike to ride and also in a farm in Aria Park down past Temora where the postie bike was one of the standard modes of travel around the property.

But perhaps the best indication that the image of the postie bike is part of the zeitgeist (site-guyst) is when there is a race for them.

The NSW town of Cessnock is taking this to great lengths and to tell us all about it I have on the line Dave Robinson the President of the Cessnock Motor Cycle Club.

  • This is not just a cute little fun race lasting for a few laps.  It is a full race meeting.
  • They have closed off the streets of Cessnock for the whole day
  • Bikes have to be standard
  • They are not allowed to hot them up over 8.4 horse power
  • Have to continually swap riders
  • Some riders have been getting very serious.  There are stories about teams buying twenty sets of tyres and one rider even asked if you could use tyre warmers
  • Some big name riders are also competing
  • Date?  (Sunday 26th of October)


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