Quirky News for Motoring and Transport – 12 April 2014

In our panel discussion with Brian Smith we chat about:

  • A woman who stabbed her husband for worshiping the American racing series NASCAR.  How do you worship a car racing series?
  • One of the great bus stop pranks. Overdrive is not a great fan of pranks but in this case it is a beauty.  They convert on end of a bus shelter to a screen that shows the streetscape thus making the end of the shelter look like a pane of glass.  They then super impose images into the video such as a giant octopus escaping from the drains or lions walking down the street.
  • A ridiculous car.  If something is good then making it twice as big does not make it better
  • The problems of formula 1.  It is not just about the noise it’s the looks as well and
  • Police rescue squad have to search for a person’s manhood.

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