Rachel Kohan: A young transport professional’s reflections from a NZ conference

  • The nature of the Transport Group Conference in New Zealand (0:55),
  • The Key Note Speech that made “Equality and Equity” a pivotal point in transport planning from the Hon Julie Anne Genter Associate Minister for Transport (1:14),
  • Designing a transport systems, not just for the long commute, or a single trip, but for the multi-purpose trip that happened throughout the day because generally they’re done by different demographics and different types of people. (2:14),
  • Building infrastructure or creating a transport system to enable people to thrive, not just to build big projects. (2:40),
  • As a young person what her approach is to car ownership and usage. (3:30),
  • How people respond to an environment – David Sim from Gehl (4:38),
  • You do not necessarily need big expensive projects for people to engage.  Examples include pavement types; raised platforms for pedestrians to cross; gardens; separated cycle lanes; traffic signals that favour pedestrians. (6:33),
  • Tactical urbanism: low cost, temporary changes are made to the built environment, to improve safety and energise the environmental space. It’s a way of trialling some ideas without investing large sums of money into it. (6:58),
  • A great aspect of the conference was that it had a session of walking through the streets. (9:03),
  • Transport impacts of the 2011 earthquake. The decline of the city centre (10:01),
  • Cycling around Christchurch (11:35).

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