Renault Megane Station Wagon – An alternative to an SUV

We come again to the largest segment of the Australian market – what is called the Small segment but is in fact better described as the small medium.

And we are looking at a subset in that market the wagon – most particularly the Renault Megan Wagon

Let’s get the rundown from Brent Davison the motoring editor for the Newcastle Herald and the Illawarra Mercury.


Brent – let’s have a look at the small-medium segment of the market


  • A lot of competitors
  • 7 models have gone out of the market since last year
  • and a further 7 have sold less than 100 in the first two months of this year.
  • 19 variants for low sales – includes their three door flyers with small sales
  • You’re a fan of wagons?
  • New nose – is it important to have a common design theme
  • One media outlet a few years ago had some stinging criticism of the Megane GT 220 – certainly now is very balanced
  • One option is a little engine – but turboed
  • Price – Wagon from $26,990 to $40,990

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