Road Test – Citroen DS3 – 2013

Let me read from the Citroen Web site


There’s a rhythm to life. A routine.

A ticking, tocking, sameness every single day.

But there’s a way to break free from this state of tunnel vision with one simple NO.

   NO disrupts the pattern and lets us look around. Indeed, it’s what Citroën did in 1955 when they introduced the original Citroën DS at the Paris Motor Show. Over 12,000 orders were taken for the car on the very first day.


Citroen Stopped building the original DS in 1975 but brought back the name plate in 2010.

I’ve just been driving the Citroen DS 3 Cabrio which is classified in the smallest category of passenger cars

To help me discuss it I have on the line Brent Davison from the Newcastle Herald and the Illawarra Mercury.

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