Road Test – Ford Fiesta – ST – 2014

I love hot hatches.

From the moment I owned my first mini (well before BMW came onto the scene) I salivated over nippy little cars that are easy to park, take up only a small space but corner with aggression and accelerate in a manner that belies their engine size.

The Fiesta is the smallest bodied Ford on our market but that does not remove the potential for performance driving

In October 2013 Ford brought out the Fiesta ST onto the Australian market.

Its main competitors would be the Peugeot 208GTi, the Volkswagen Polo GTI and the Suzuki Swift Sport

Many reviews about the Fiesta ST start with its negative points.

The reason is that they very soon start waxing eloquently about what a joy of a car it is and so they want to clear the air up front.

Can a few annoying features undermine this pocket rocket?  Let’s ask respected motoring journalist Ian Crawford.

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