Road Test – Mercedes CLA 45 – 2014

Mercedes Benz call their CLA a four door coupe
The base model has a 1.6 litre with a respectable 115 kilowatts of power – but the model we’ve been driving is the CLA45 with nearly 2 and 1/3 times the power output and it’s got all all-wheel drive.
We have discussed this engine on Overdrive in the past in the A class Mercedes,. The good news is that it slightly bigger but not much heavier than the A class. Has this performance vehicle lost any of its edge over the A class?
To help us find out I have on the line Brent Davison from the Newcastle Herald and the Illawarra Mercury.
In our discussion we cover issues such as:
• Distinctive looks, a little understated and a side profile like the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It passes the “Hayden Brown, will you drive me to school in that car” factor with flying colours.
• The tyres and the wheels are the biggest giveaway that it is a performance car.
• Stunning power from the engine.
• First press of the accelerator is subdued but a good push and you go into hyper-space
• The noise of the engine. It crackles and pops but is it enough?
• With this much power, grip is important. All-wheel- drive helps immensely especially in the wet.
• Interior is good but rear headroom is a bit cramped.
• A very competitive price for and AMG Mercedes – $AUD86,900 plus on road costs.

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