Skoda Kodiaq RS: Tested 2020; Quality product; natty features that are standard; Interesting history

What we cover

Skoda is a car brand that is unknown to many people or at least sounds mysterious, puzzling, inscrutable. They now build quality products with some natty features, that allow you to be a bit showy to your friends.

Who better to show David Brown Skoda’s large SUV the Kodiaq than our flamboyant colleague, Alan Zurvas from Gay Car Boys.

Issues covered in the video

  • Driving on a dirt road to a historic pub
  • The engine and drive train
  • Clever Headlights
  • Most features are standard equipment
  • The sun roof is an option which is great because I don’t want one.
  • Natty features like a plastic protection strip that comes out when you open a door so you don’t scratch your car or the car beside you in the car park
  • There is an umbrella housed in a compartment it the door.  The umbrella is a good size and practical.

Brief Skoda History

Skoda’s heritage goes back to  1895 when Laurin & Klement began building bicyles in the Czech Republic. Motor bikes soon followed then the first car came in 1905

They were acquired by Skoda Works in 1925 in what had then become Czechoslovakia.

They became state owned in 1948 when Czechoslovakia was part of the Eastern Bloc.

After 1991 it was gradually privatized to the German Volkswagen Group, becoming a wholly owned subsidiary 2000.

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