Skoda Yeti – Great Car – Weird name

The Skoda Yeti was originally launched onto the Australian market in October 2011.  It is easy to make fun of its name.  This must rank with American Motors calling one of their cars the Gremlin.  But the car is neither abominable or the relative size of a monster snowman.  It is classified as a small SUV.

Skoda has now launch the second addition onto the market with a few extra standard features and sharper list price – I think it wasn’t too hard to talk a deal with the old model.

It’s the second best selling Skoda behind the Octavia but that’s not saying a lot – Skoda sales, given the quality of the cars are disappointingly low.

To tell us all about the Yeti it I have on the line Motoring journalist Ian Crawford.

  • Overall a good package
  • More conservative front look
  • Each model has a different engine: 1.2, 1.4; and 2 litre (diesel)
  • Transmission Depends on model; Manual 6-speed; DSG 7-speed; DSG 6-speed
  • six-speed manual is no hardship and the seven-speed DSG is eager to respond.
  • spacious and comfortable the versatile interior
  • There are plenty of storage places
  • 2wd and 4wd

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