Speed Kings at Indy 500; Rally driving precision; sanitizing vehicles; Bosch split motor bike screen

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  1. New solutions for sanitizing autonomous vehicles (1:39)
  2. NZ police select Skoda to supply new cop cars as Holden rolls into sunset (2:41)
  3. Elon Musk says Tesla is working on a battery at drives more than 600 miles — and hints at a new compact car for Europe (3:43)
  4. Volvo Cars mixes virtual with real-world testing (4:40)
  5. Bosch debuts first motorcycle split-screen display (5:41)


  • We begin the first of a series of chats with motoring journalist and author John Smailes on his latest book Speed Kings Austria and New Zealand’s quest to win the Indy 500. This week about the Australian who was there at the beginning in 1911. (6:43)


  • Dean Oliver reminisces about seeing just how great an international rally driver was. (17:14)

Quirky News

  • Brian Smith and I talk about creating a brand image for a car (23:55)

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Originally broadcast 28th November 2020

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