Woman’s World Car of the Year: Judge Nadine Armstrong talks about what it takes

The Women’s World Cup of the Year award has just been announced. The judging panel was 50 women motoring journalists from around the world tow were from Australia, Liz Swanton and Nadine Armstrong. We recorded this chat with Nadine.

Issues covered include:

  • The things Nadine looks at as the Consumer Editor for (Time location in the interview – 0:13)
  • Issues with owning a motor car are becoming more and more complex and varied (1:07)
  • Ways to help us remember doing basic maintenance such as checking the pressure in your tyres (1:53)
  • Her early experiences including owning motorbikes (one was a Harley!) (2:53)
  • How are road test evolving (4:14)
  • Women’s World Car of the Year – the choices were similar to what men would make this year but that may evolve (5:15)
  • Examples of cars that were “made for women” in the past and what might it be in the future (8:33)
  • How hard was it to break into motoring journalism (11:14)
  • The differences in how people are looking at cars and making decisions (14:59)

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