Honda Odyssey – Looks a bit more of a people mover but still car like

The vehicle category “People Mover” doesn’t have an image or a history of representing joyous motoring pleasure.

It has stood for practicality with all the flare of a pair of sensible shoes.

Honda has bucked this trend with its Odyssey.  It has strived to produce a vehicle that does not look like a large box on wheels.

They even had an ad on television where a married couple still kissed and cuddle in the car (to the annoyance of the kids in the back).  The point being, I think, that it was a car to get your senses going, even if, or despite the fact that it would seat seven to eight people.

Well a new Odyssey is out it’s the fourth generation of the vehicle.

Does it represent a practical car like vehicle or stodgy workhorse.  Let’s ask respected motoring journalist Ian Crawford.

  • Looks good – very strong line over the front wheel and then a strong crease line that flows from the bottom of the front door, up and over the rear door.  The back looks a bit bus-like.
  • Goes for the practical in now having three seats in the third row of seats – from a wider body.
  • Good room in the third road of seats and even the centre seat has a lap sash seat belt that drops from the roof.
  • Now has sliding doors – good for getting into the back.  The model I had had an automatic door on the passenger side.
  • Has a large LCD screen which is the centre feature of a new dash which has less buttons than the old model.
  • 2.4 litre engine.  This size has been around for a long time but this is a new engine.  CVT transmission with torque converter with paddle shift which works pretty well.
  • Fuel consumption of 7.6 litres per 100 kilometres (combined cycle) and CO2 emissions of 178 grams per kilometre.
  • ·
  • Two models VTi and VTi-L
  • Base Features include
    • Tyre Deflation Warning System (DWS)
    • Hill Start Assist (HAS)
    • Retractable third row seat with 40/20/40 split fold
    • Ten cup holders
    • Sunglass holder with conversation mirror
  • Sales for the first half of the year are booming

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