F – Type Jaguar – A car for its time

The E-Type is a hard act to follow.

They stopped making the E-type in 1975 and rather than try to replace it, Jaguar had a series of larger sporty grand tourers – firstly with the XJS and then with the XK.

They waited another 38 years before they launched their next roadster, the F-type, in 2013.

The design of the new F-Type has cues that reflect the E-Type.

The curvaceous bulge over the rear wheels, the bonnet bulge, the grille and the rear tail lights that go back to the Series one E-Type.

So is the new car a pail copy or a car in its right.

To help answer that question I have on the line Brent Davison from the Newcastle Herald and the Illawarra Mercury.

  • A good looking car – even if you know nothing about the E-Type
  • Beautiful sound
  • Three engine configurations
  • Handles very well
  • Not a lot of room inside
  • Ridiculous boot

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