Hyundai i30 2017 – Huge sales in Australia must surely get bigger with this very good car

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We had barely driven the new car 100 metres when it was obvious that this was a refined piece of equipment.

It was the new Hyundai i30.

It had a smooth ride and ambience that spoke of comfort and maturity.

The i30 is the most critical car for Hyundai in Australia representing 37% of their total sales.

The other more staggering figure is that Australia is a huge market for this car.  We take 30% of all the i30s sold in the world.

It is not surprising then that the local branch of the company wants it to do well

Scott Grant Hyundai’s COO in Australia takes up the story

Hyundai in general and the i30 in particular started life as a sensible low cost car.  This is still a big part of the market but not the only part.

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