Range Rover Sport SVR 2017 – Its big and great technology for off-road. But it goes like a racer

Does the idea of a sport SUV seem like a contradiction in terms?

Well the sound you just heard was not a race car, traditional sports car or even a hot sedan.  It was the Range Rover SVR with a super charged 5 litre V8 engine.

It seems even more of a contradiction when you realise that Land Rover has a long tradition of building sturdy and capable four wheel drives and has continued to develop some very advanced technology to let you take your car off road which remains as part of this vehicle.

Yet here is a beast with 405 kw of power (that’s 543hp in the old measure) and with 680 Nm of torque which is enough pulling power to tow a horse trailer even if you are carrying Clydesdales.  All of which will take this 2.3 tonne vehicle from aero to 100 km/hr in 4.7 seconds (without the horse trailer).

Before we become too analytical about the vehicle, what sort of impact does it have from someone who drives normal practical vehicles.  My mate Colin sat in the passenger seat as we went around the block.

We started out gently as we moved through the city but then we just had to accelerate quickly to get up to the open speed limit

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