Road Test – Renault Clio RS

Overdrive thoroughly enjoyed the new Renault Clio when it was launched in September 2013. Then it came with a normal range of models but only the promise of a sporty model in the near future.
Now the Clio RS 200 has arrived.
There are two models the Sport and the Cup.
Plus you can get a “Trophee” package which comes with features such as leather seats, rear parking sensor and rear view camera, climate control and an upgraded radio system. But also it gives you a lot of telematics which will tell you what gear you are in, the temperature of your brakes, the ‘g’ forces the car is experiencing, performance times and if you are into racing around a circuit it will build a graph of the track based you are on!
Is it aimed at the rev-head who will compromise comfort for handling, does it give up smooth ride for race track performance?
To find out let’s ask Brant Davison from The Newcastle Herald and the Illawarra Mercury

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