Combining transport and land-use planning and many others: Kirsty Kelly CEO AITPM

Many years ago, there was an Institution of Engineers meeting addressed by some executives from the Department of Main Roads.  The then head of the Planning Department sat at the back of the meeting occasionally muttering his contempt for what was being said.

In those days the two departments operated like two opposing fiefdoms – a classic example of government departments working in their own silos.

The Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management, among others, pushed hard to embrace a more collaborative approach under the banner of landuse/transport planning.

Now we are embracing an even wider group of influencers

Kirsty Kelly was the CEO of the Planning Institute of Australia but then moved to be the CEO of the AITPM. We spoke to her about a range of issues including:

  • Her experiences in working in government and consulting and major Institutes
  • The realisation of the need to understand comfort factors when looking at the desirability, or not, of a transport service
  • Transport modelling as it moves into a new age
  • No longer predicting the future but evaluating various scenarios
  • How being adaptable is the essential part of any planning approach
  • Tactical Urbanism
  • Communication is no longer just presenting your answers in the most convincing way: it is about engagement
  • Reflecting on the NSW Premier’s comment about moving away from just big projects
  • Climate change

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