Station Wagons – From Surfer mobile homes to parent duties – Holden widens the field

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Station wagons have been through a considerable number of image changes.

It took on a pucker style when it was given the name “shooting brake” in an association with aristocrats driving around the estate blasting away at defenceless animals.

The closest it ever got to a youth market was the early 50s and 60s when it was the suffers’ mobile home

But it has a number of incarnations that give it a dowdy image.

For example, the family holiday vehicle – Chevy Chase in the Vacation series which is part of a 7 film National Lampoon’s string of movies.  The Griswold family is not something you wish to be associated with.

Then there is the parents’ school run vehicle.

And the traveling salespersons office on wheels.

With such images, it is not surprising they have ebbed and flowed with sales numbers, some falling by the way.

The Camry station wagon is gone but not lamented

As is the large, slab sided Ford Falcon which went well before the demise of the sedan.  It provided huge room but was surpassed by the trendier SUV.

Even the Hyundai i30 wagon dropped off the market.

Our roving correspondent Matthew Brown who is in his thirties needed a new car but didn’t think he was quite old enough for a station wagon.

More recently there has been a bit of a rival with the marketing expression “Sports Wagon” which infers that you are an adventurer rather than a parent caught in raising the children.

Now Holden is talking about the next step in the evolution.  The new model will not be called a wagon but a tourer.

Where does it all fit in.

Holden’s Director – Design, is Richard Ferlazzowhom we have spoken to in the past.  He joins us on the line now.

Originally aired on 29 April 2017. For past programs and individual segments visit

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