Jonathan Daly: Measuring your real responses to how you feel about where and how you travel

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The concept of designing places is not only creating infrastructure for carrying out functions but fashioning locations which create positive emotions and a sense of wellbeing.  This might be seen as an evolving art form, but maybe not just an art form.  It is not just creative people producing things that they think are aesthetically pleasing.

I can have an opinion but what is really impacting the way I react to a mall, recreation precinct or other community place.

Now you can ask people what they think but that is a response after we have had the experience and that can be affected by the nature of the questions and how we feel we should rationalise our behaviour.  Is there a better way?

Jonathan Daly has just presented a paper at the Asian Pacific Conference for Place Leaders.  He has a good story to tell.

Jonathan Daly who is an urbanist, a professional who looks at how our towns and cities function and how we can create a better community through informed design.

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