Discussing the issues – Car reliability – 20mph speed limits – fold away bike

In our feature discussion session with Errol Smith and Brian Smith we chat about a range of important issues including:

  • The latest reliability surveys.  As has happened for a number of years Porsche has the best results but surprisingly Jaguar is second on the list.  This ruins all those jokes about British build quality.  Furthermore Hyundai is ahead of Toyota.  “Faults” are recorded as being any reason that a person takes a car back to a dealer.  This can include, for example, people taking a car back because they cannot work out how to operate the voice-actuated radio system.  If you cannot easily work out how to operate the system then that is a fault of the car according to JD Power you do the surveys.
  • Paris is implementing a 20mph speed limit on most of their streets.  Is this a good think or not?
  • George Mabey has invented a fold-away scooter that collapses to a size no bigger than an A4 piece of paper (but certainly thicker).  He won the top prize at the prestigious Power of Aluminium awards which celebrates innovative uses of the metal (that sounds like a fun event).  It will cost about $1,810.00 to buy.  Will this revolutionise transport?

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