Dyan Currie – Chief Planner Brisbane Council – Making Progress at the Planning Institue of Australia

Dyan Currie is the Chief Planner for Brisbane City Council and she was also the president of the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) at the time Kirsty Kelly was the CEO. It was a significant time and one that is worth reflecting on.

We had a chat with Dyan soon after Kirsty Kelly (who Dyan worked with at the PIA) joined the AITPM.

She covered topics such as:

  • Place Making
  • Applying a sense of place to work and institute Environments
  • The Value of Organisations supporting participation in Institutes
  • Working with Kirsty at PIA means understanding the nature of members and their interaction with the Institute
  • Transport very much involves an eclectic range of Professions
  • Social Media
  • Dealing with Change
  • Working with the political process

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