Fiat Panda – Funky Micro Car

In Australia the smallest category of car is the Micro class.

There are nine different cars in this category.

Two of the nine cars are Fiats.  One is the Fiat 500 – a car with style that speaks of Italian romance

But that’s not the car we are reviewing.  It’s the other, less well known micro Fiat; the Panda.

It sits up tall but is not an SUV.

It has enough rounded corners, slopping front windscreen and style to avoid being called a box on wheels.

If the word funky was made for any car it was this one.

And to help us understand why – I have on the line Tim O’Brien from The Motor Report web site.

  • I like the looks – inner city
  • Good range of engines
  • Diesel engine
  • Great fuel economy
  • Manual and dual logic gear box
  • I had the diesel manual
  • Don’t like the automatic
  • The interior – is different – the gear lever sits up high and forward leaving space behind it – across the top of the dash and along the bottom
  • More expensive by $1500 than the 500 – Best seller is the Mirage – it’s $3,500 cheaper – starts at $13,000 whereas the Panda starts at $16,500
  • Fiat have dropped their price on Alfas and that worked but this is expensive
  • You could move up a class – to the light category –
  • Not selling well

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