Kia Rondo 2017 – No longer nerdy; not the latest technology but still practical

Nine uears ago Kia launched the Rondo onto the market.  It was a small people mover that had seven seats although the third row was very cramped.  It was a nerdy looking car.  It looked a bit like a Daewoo when they were in decline.  It was like a pair of school shoes that were selected by a P&C subcommittee who thought that Doc Marin was only a television show.

The new model is much better looking.

It does not have the latest technology such as lane departure warning or blind spot identificationnor does it have voice actuated controls.  But it is a smooth car that is easy to drive.

You can now get it in five or seven seat configurations.

Alan Zurvas and David Brown took it for a drive in the city environment where it is best suited.

Originally aired on 22 April 2017. For past programs and individual segments visit

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