Flying Cars? – Getting closer to a reality

I have always been skeptical about the possibility of flying cars.
Over the years a lot of claims have been made about flying cars as the next revolution that is just around the corner.
I suspect that the announcements often coincide with a need to get more funding.
But some experts in the field have just come out and claimed that commuting in the air might not be that far away.
Professor Andy Dong, Chair of Engineering Innovation at the University of Sydney whose position is sponsored by the Warren Centre has some thoughtful ideas on this issue.
I have done some work for this Warren Centre centre in the field of transport planning and so I began by asking him if the Centre was a forward thinking group.
• What is the Warren Centre?
• Transporting goods not just people
• Were the Jetsons right?
• Flying is one thing, parking is another
• When will this happen?

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