Hyundai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

Hydrogen powered fuel cell vehicles have had the image of being one of the nice technologies for the future.  Perhaps after we have tried electric vehicles.

But now practical versions are being trialled by some car makers.

In fact Hyundai has just bought the first fuel cell hydrogen car into Australia

How practical is it? What are they going to do with it?

Scott Nargar is the Product Planning Manager for Hyundai Australia.


Interview Notes

  • Basically an electric car but it doesn’t have large batteries it
  • Is it a big power plant? – where do you put it – under the bonnet?
  • Does it need a big tank for the hydrogen
  • How does it perform – good acceleration
  • Range
  • Where can you get hydrogen
  • How long does it take to refill
  • You have one in Australia -what are you going to do with it?
  • Private customers are leasing ix35 Fuel Cell vehicles in Los Angeles – When will we see production vehicles for the public
  • You are lobbying for hydrogen ‘Hydrogen Highways’ ‘Hume by Hydrogen’
  • Next year, HMCA is planning to install an electrolyser unit in partnership with Australian company Sefca to generate hydrogen on-site,

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