Interview: Hyundai Ioniq 5; Designed from the ground up – The changing face of Electric Vehicles

The relatively recent developments in the electrification of vehicles, most particularly starting in 2000 or so with the Toyota Prius hybrid, did not sell itself on the elegance of its outward appearance. Although the need for environmental considerations is becoming even more critical, hybrids and electric vehicles can no longer look like a science experiment. Later this year, Hyundai will launch in Australia the next generation of their all-electric sedan, the Ioniq. It doesn’t look like a catch-up vehicle, but one that is very futuristic in its design, not only its technology.

Issues covered in the interview include

  • The new Ioniq 5 – built as an electric car from the ground up
  • A modern looking product
  • By being built as electric cars, vehicles will change shape in the years ahead as they are no longer bounded by the powertrains of old.
  • Ioniq 5 looks modern but plays homage to a futuristic design concept from the past
  • Same power train as the Hyundai Kona but there will be modular platform
  • There are strong indications they are working on a performance version which will be part of the electric car vision
  • Range anxiety is real but there is a poor understanding of how many cars do not travel great distances.
  • Current electric vehicle buyers are well informed and focused on the broader issue.  There is not a situation of people walking into a dealer to buy an internal combustion engine car and being talked into an electric one.
  • The quietness of an electric car can produce a much calmer driving environment.
  • If there is a consistent need for doing long trips then a plug-in hybrid is potential the best of both worlds at the moment. The Ioniq is purely an electric vehicle but plug-in hybrids will be part of the fleet.
  • The first question should be “How will you use the car?” and then “How much range do I need?”
  • Federal Government is not giving incentives at the moment but State government are being more active.
  • Bill was most struck by how electric vehicles can produce a much more pleasant ride when he road in a hydrogen bus. It makes it feel like a luxury ride.

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