Kia and Its Future in Australia – Damien Meredith COO

Kia started selling its vehicles in Australia in 1997.  After a few years settling in, it had a couple of considerable growth spurts up until 2005 after which it took over control of local distribution from the private company Ateco. Sales dropped but bounced back in 2011.  It gained its highest sales volume in 2012 but has remained flat in the last two years.

Kia is a 1/3 owned by the Hyundai Motor company.  Is it always going to be the little brother or will it stand tall on its own two feet.

To find out I have on the line Damien Meredith the Chief Operating Officer of Kia Australia


  • Have you hit a bit of a flat spot?
  • 2.73% of the market – Hyundai has 8.9% – are they your competition
  • You’d take some from them nonetheless
  • You have some good things from the partnership – the 6 speed automatic is a beauty
  • Do you think you still have the image of being cheap
  • What is the image you are targeting
  • A lot of new car buyers are if not old then let’s say mature.  Is it the young at heart
  • What do you think the young at heart are looking for
  • Is the tennis a good link to that image
  • Getting people into the dealer – is that the big hurdle – I have a friend who had an Alfa Romeo – was just looking – saw a Kia Optima and bought it on the spot.
  • Kia Motors Corporation’s brand slogan – “The Power to Surprise” –


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