Managing with COVID-19. Traffic Works is going well but also planning for the long term

Emmanuel Natalizio is the managing director of Traffic Works, a consultancy providing specialist traffic engineering advice to public and private clients. They are involved in many things, such as traffic design, traffic signal plans, public lighting signs and line marking, active transport and MANY more. Projects are still getting designed and other companies are taking those designs and building and doing maintenance work while traffic volumes are low.  So traffic works has managed to maintain its 48 people workforce. The big issue is how do we take what we’ve learnt during this lockdown period and apply the best methods as we start to lessen the restrictions. I spoke to Emmanuel recently.

Issues he covered included:

1.    We have learnt a lot and the productivity is as high as it was, but now the big issue is how this stacks up over time (1:06)

2.    It’s working well now but we miss the day -to-day interaction with staff (2:48)

3.    Working from home demonstrates the trust issue (3:57)

4.    Not an all-or-nothing solution with one size fits all (6:02)

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