Overdrive: More Airbag recalls; Rolls Royce booming; Coping in a bushfire; Banjo Paterson; Kia Sales

Hello and welcome to Overdrive, a program that ponders the philosophical and the practical aspects of motoring and transport.

Car sales for 2019 (1:33)

Another airbag recall (2:33)

Rolls Royce Car Sales are booming (3:35)

Making ‘Ice Missiles’ illegal (4:54)

Motoring Minute – Lotus Electric (6:13)

What to do in a car in a bush fire (7:38)

Motoring Minute – Maserati Levante SUV (2:17)

Kia’s quest for greater sales (13:24)

Car value if previously owned by a celebrity? (14:25)

Motoring Minute – Maserati Levante SUV (16:38)

Banjo Paterson and transport data (17:49)

Quirky news – Road testing a Kombi (20:33)

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So, let’s start with the news

Originally broadcast 1 February 2020

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