MG3 2018 – Neat and modest but at a very competitive price – Is it history?


Can the Chinese make use of the British brand name?

MG Car Company Limited was registered in 1923.
MG stood for Morris Garages. William Morris was the Viscount of Nuffield in England
He established a business building cars that bore his name, perhaps the most famous was the later versions of the Morris Minor.
But MG was a separate exercise to sell mostly two-door sports cars.
Over the years it has had various owners including
The British Motor Corporation – BMC
Austin and
The MG Rover Group went bankrupt in 2005.
The name and assets were bought by the Nanjing Automotive group and cars are now built by SAIC Motors

Since being acquired by a Chinese company they have sold sedans and SUVs
Which is not totally unusual MG has produced some sedans over the years including the Magnette.
In Australia they have just launched their MG3 which is classified as a light vehicle which is the second smallest segment in sedans.





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