Overdrive: A young person reviews Nissan Juke; Aust Efficiency standards; Embarrassing school trips

G’Day and welcome to Overdrive a program that samples as much as it can of the pleasures of cars and transport

I’m David Brown

Feedback from social media posts

  • The most verbose press release of the year so far – The Kia K4

Are young people still embarrassed by the car that they are driven to school in?

  • Is it the car or the parents?
  • For my son there were only a few cars that I could drive him to school in.  I developed a key measure of the street cred of a vehicle “The Matthew Brown will you drive me to school in that car” factor.

Road Test – Nissan Juke

  • It’s classified as an SUV!
  • We asked a young intern what he thought the market for the vehicle is and how would he advertise it.

New vehicle efficiency standard

  • It is a step in the right direction but compromises by powerful manufacturers have made it a shuffle rather than a stride

Program Segments

00:01:34 Understanding the psychology of pedestrians, not just drivers

00:05:48 Looking at transport issues with input from other than just engineers

00:07:04 Pictures of the Kia K4 concept car – the looks and the verbose press release that went with it.

00:12:51Our young colleague Mitchell Ferguson discusses the K4 and what it may mean to Kia. Plus comments from our listeners

00:19:12 Thoughts from our mechanical engineer Frederick Brain who went racing in an historical event at Phillip Island in his 1969 Monaro last weekend.

00:22:06 Are young people still embarrassed by the car their parent use to drive them to school?

00:24:29 Road test of the Nissan Juke which is classified as a light that’s the smallest category SUV

00:28:15 A young person’s view of the Nissan Juke

00:37:04 The federal government’s New Vehicle Efficient Standards (NVES)

00:41:54 Larissa Mirabelli – head of communications for Polestar Australia on an industry perspective of the NVES.

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Originally broadcast 30 March 2024