Overdrive: Car Sales; Utilities do well; Volkswagen electric plans; Building cars from Lego.

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In this week’s program news stories with David Campbell
1. VFACTS: 2019 downturn continues with slow February
2. Aussie company works to turn plastics, old tyres and waste into diesel fuel for trucks
3. Mazda Unveils all new SUV
4. Volkswagen’s electric plans:
5. BMW & Mercedes Benz Working together
6. Goodbye Optima

We look closely at why the top three selling cars in February were utes with Rob Fraser
Alan Zurvas goes for a ride to a mid-north coast holiday location in a $218,000 Lexus
And Brian Smith and finish off a discussion we had last week on building car models from lego.
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So, let’s start with the news

Originally broadcast 16 March 2019

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