Overdrive: Cash for Clunkers to buy a bike; Subaru XV; Nissan Leaf e+; Mazda MX 5; Hispano Suiza


  • Mazda MX 5 (1:28)
  • MG – HS (2:25)
  • Nissan LEAF e+ add more performance to a successful electric vehicle (3:27)
  • Hispano Suiza Unique Tailormade, 1,904 ways to design the car of your dreams (4:30)


  • Cash for clunkers, a French government program to pay you to scrape your old polluting car, but not to buy another car (5:36)


  • I continue to have trouble with tyres (11:40)

Motoring Minute

  • Kia Stinger (13:49)


  • Interview about electric vehicles (14:57)

Road test

  • Subaru XV (17:22)

Motoring Minute

  • Hyundai Palisade (22:30)

Quirky News

  • Brian Smith discussed what the Japanese want you to do in a service station toilet to see if you are too tired to drive. (23:39)

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Originally broadcast 1 May 2021

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