Overdrive: Crash Tests, Meccano Set; BMW Z4; Range Rover PHEV; Jeep problems; VW Toureg

Hello and welcome to Overdrive a program that broods over the world of cars and transport

I’m David Brown

In this program we have


  1. Safety prioritised with 5 stars for Toyota HiAce and Nissan Leaf EV, yet the opposite for Jeep Wrangler at 1 star (1:37)
  2. Jaguar and Chargefox agreement sparks Australia’s EV interest (2:15)
  3. Tesla reveals Model 3 Australian prices (3:07)
  4. Pricing for Swedish mid-sized S60 sedan and V60 wagon well below Germans (4:48)
  5. UTSA engineers develop inexpensive smart stop sign to improve rural road safety (5:58)
  6. TU Graz developing ‘predictive’ pedestrian crossing signals for Vienna (7:10)
  7. And Alan Zurvas has just witnessed a crash test. We find out what it was like and what is happening in the future (8:35)
  8. Rob, Alan and David discuss some news snippets (16:28)
  9. In Sydney they have a land mark called the Meccano set it’s an ancient structure to hold signs at traffic lights at a major intersection. They had to replace it and they chose to replicate the old, brutalist design from 1952. We find out why (20:06)
  10. Two motoring minutes
  • Jeep’s problems with brash tests (15:25)
  • VW Toureg (25:15)
  1. Remembering Dorothy Rowe and a new program to use car clubs to help those with depression (26:38)
  2. More discussion of motoring news (29:13)
  3. Rob Roads tests the BMW Z4 (33:26)
  4. Alan has been driving the Range Rover PHEV (38:55)
  5. And some quirky news with Brian Smith (42:14)

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