Overdrive: GM Holden accusations; Brian built 700 bridges; Wendy’s great US bridges; Lear-jet car

Hello and welcome to Overdrive, where we take a sober look at motoring and transport.


  • April’s catastrophic car sales figures (1:26)
  • Holden Leaving Australia – now the accusations are flying (2:22)
  • Car company incentives: what are they and will they stay (3:21)
  • Transportation Isn’t Going to Be the Same After Pandemic (4:18)
  • “Infotainment Systems” Friend or foe (5:18)


  • We have some feedback from listeners (6:12)
  • Last week we referred to a great Bridge builder.  This week we have quotes from 93-year-old who build 700 bridges (8:48)
  • We talk to Wendy Adam about a beautiful bridge in America And we discuss how the market for classic cars is going in this COVD-19 environment (13:14)

Quirky News

  • And Brian Smith has a quirky look at how uni students beat a new-fangled parking system (21:55)

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Originally broadcast 9 May 2020

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