Overdrive: Govt’s waffle words; Kia Stonic & Carnival; Space saver tyres; seats for wider drivers

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I’m David Brown


  1. VFacts Car sales – Overview (1:30)
  2. New Subaru Outback Climbs To Best Seller in its class (2:30)
  3. People Movers make a come back led by the Carnival (3:30)
  4. Toyota unveils Victoria’s first hydrogen production and re-fuelling facility (4:27)


  • A chat with Kia about their new small SUV, the Stonic (5:40)

An interesting situation

  • In Victoria you cannot go for your driving test unless the car has the old style manual handbrake. (13:53)

Motoring Minute

  • Space saver tyres – are they a good thing? (14:33)


  • More from Kia – A reflection on the resurgence of the people mover market (15:36)


  • Some positive response to story we did about bureaucratic waffle words – and another example (18:56)

Motoring Minute

  • Toyota RAV 4 (22:08)


  • Paul Murrell talks of a modern trend – the increasing width of drivers. (23:20)

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Originally broadcast 10 April 2021