Overdrive: Hyundai Nexo and the future of Hydrogen; Even less Ford sedans; Polstar looks to the arts

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I’m David Brown

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  • Hyundai Nexo – a practical hydrogen powered car (1:25)
  • Volkswagen Golf Life (2:42)
  • Ford Focus ST – just one model, a hot hatch (4:02)
  • Nissan celebrates 20 years of X-TRAIL (5:04)
  • Polestar teams up with an artist to bring renewable energy transition to life (6:15)

Feature Interview

  • I caught up with a colleague who, very early on, was pushing the need for alternate energy. He now has had personal experience in owning an electric car. (7:23)

Motoring Minute

  • Land Rover Discover (17:41)

Feature Interview

  • We have been testing Hyundai’s Hydrogen SUV the Nexo and we talk to the company about where hydrogen fits in with battery powered cars.  It’s a case of horses for courses. (18:52)

Motoring Minute

  • Jaguar XE sedan (27:59)