Overdrive: New take on driver inattention; One-eyed for roads; Traveling when blind; quirky news

And in this program, we look at news stories including:

  1. Peugeot Maker PSA Agrees to Buy GM’s European Brands in $2.3 Billion Deal
  2. World’s Best Cars Announced by World Car Awards At Geneva Motor Show
  3. Most Americans Don’t Trust Car Companies to Make Self-Driving Cars
  4. Regrettable Rides: New Cars Owners Dump Most Often Within the First Year
  5. Just short of 265 kph – Guinness world record eluded by wind, rain and time

We discuss the recent ministerial change in the roads portfolio in NSW.  Will we now have a minister who doesn’t but heads?

We have a chat with Overdrive’s David Saxberg and his friend Hailey about what it is like to travel on public transport when you are blind.

And in our panel discussion with Brian Smith and Errol Smith we take a light-hearted look at stories including:

  1. What If Transit Announcements Appealed to Your Emotions?
  2. Big Reveal for a Little Rolls
  3. Holden Glams Up for Mardi Gras


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