Overdrive: Pole-to-pole EV trip; Kia Seltos; Mobility and the Future of City-Building

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  1. Car Sales – looking more closely at the numbers
  2. Another review of the railways – we don’t need more of the same
  3. Undertaking the first pole to pole car trip and doing it in an EV
  4. Going to the drive-in in an EV

Two minute road test

  • Kia Seltos

Vox Pops

  • Listeners comments including some Vox Pops


  • In this week’s feature we speak to Andrew Miller a Canadian-based expert who had just given a keynote speech at the Urban Development Institute of Australia  National conference in Perth.  His speech was titled “Climate Change, Mobility, and the Future of City-Building”. 

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Originally broadcast on 8 April 2023