Overdrive Program – Heavy Veh Crashes, Fuel Cells, Youth Road Safety, Jag F-Type


Welcome to Overdrive a program about trains, planes and automobiles, but mainly automobiles.

I’m David Brown

This program and extended segments of the feature interview, road test and panel discussion are also available on the website.

In this program we look at news stories from around the world including:

  1. Significant Reduction in Heavy Vehicle Crashes
  2. Japan readies fuel cell subsidies in bet on Toyota’s next big thing
  3. Best-ever efficiency points to clean, green gas-diesel engine
  4. IIHS issues recommendations on used vehicles for teens after research finds many aren’t driving the safest ones
  5. London’s first segregated cycle superhighway
  6. Gear change: NRMA mulls roadside help for cyclists


In our feature interview we talk to Dr Bridie Scott-Parker an expert in young driver road safety.

We road test the beautiful Jaguar F-Type

And in our panel discussion with Errol Smith and Brian Smith we chat about a range of subjects including:

  1. Woman Lets God Drive Car, God Immediately Runs Down Guy On Motorcycle
  2. Teen can’t get license until he takes off that makeup.

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