Overdrive Program – Transparent Bonnet, New Religion, Proton Preve, Silly Walks

Welcome to Overdrive, a program whose belief system is grounded is the love of everything to do with motoring and transport.
This audio file features a full program. Other extended segments of the program, including the road test and panel discussion are also available on the website.
In this program we look at news stories from around the world:
1. Land Rover Debuts Invisible Car Technology
2. Bentley builds hybrid future
3. BMW extends recall worldwide to half million cars
4. Brake fault triggers Chrysler recall
5. The BMW train.
In this discussion segment we talk about the modern curse of today’s motor cars – the proximity key, also the sad tale of an accident, involving a brother and sister and starting a new religion based on hidden cameras capturing everything we do with our cars.
We road test the Proton Prevé
In our panel discussion with Brian Smith and David we chat about a range of subjects including:
1. Monty Python ‘Silly walk’ zebra crossing signs removed in Norway
2. Mass marriage in a carriage
3. Spiders prompt second Mazda recall for possible fuel tank problem/Mazda Recalling Cars Due To Spider Webs In Engines (again)
4. School bus driver blames gin-soaked raisins
5. Sleep-in saves man from being crushed in his home by truck.
6. Cops stop cyclist with kidnapped girl on board.

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Now let’s get to the program.

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