Overdrive: Subaru Forester; Combating car sickness; BMW M5; Volvo tennis shoes

Hello and welcome to Overdrive, where we experiment with ideas and activities to do with cars and transport.


I’m David Brown

And in the program this week we look at news stories with David Campbell

  1. Rising SUV sales as the market softens in September
  2. Automotive industry applauds Queensland government’s leadership on ‘alpha’ airbags
  3. GM prepares to launch eBikes in 2019
  4. Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles of the future will help combat motion sickness
  5. Volvo Australia is having a great year
  6. Queensland Police Kia Stinger takes Las Vegas spotlight
  7. F1 Announces new street-race in Vietnam


Overdrives resident artist Dean Oliver drives a 12-year-old Subaru.  We put him in a new model and test his reaction.

We hear a motoring minute on the new BMW M5

And Errol Smith and I take a sunny look at some weird and wonderful news stories about cars and transport.

  1. Lincoln Aviator warning and alert sounds are played by an orchestra/ Pizza Hut and Toyota transform truck into mobile pizza kitchen (DB)
  2. Volvo customizes Stan Smith Adidas shoes, you know, for kids (BS)
  3. From Noddy’s car to a Vauxhall Vivaro re-imagined as the nag’s head pub from ‘only fools and horses’ ES or DB if Errol not available)



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So, here’s the news


Originally broadcast 10 November 2018.

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