Overdrive: Toyota Yaris: Safe, Comfortable, Expensive, Kia Carnival, Petrol Price Comparison

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  1. New Yaris Overview (1:34)
  2. New Yaris Safety (2:49)
  3. New Yaris 3-Cylinder Engine (3:46)
  4. Kia introduces all-new carnival, offering unrivaled style, space, and comfort (4:53)
  5. How many litres of petrol can you buy with one Australian salary (5:56)


Terry Thompson gives us an update of the historic classic event and the 70th anniversary of a great Jaguar (7:02)


Comments from our listeners on Facebook and the latest videos we have put on Youtube (14:03)


Michael Pachota the General Manager for Suzuki in Australia gives us some great background to what they are doing to get ahead in this difficult market (16:36).

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Originally broadcast 22 October 2020

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